There has been a recent spate of ‘Sympathy images’ in circulation on Facebook, images depicting all sorts from sick children, to disabled adults asking people to type Amen and Like and share.


Some of  these images say that facebook will donate X amount if a certain number of likes and shares are reached, this is complete and utter nonsense.

While many people many people may think “What if its real” or “What harm can it do?” The fact is most if not all of these images are just saved off the web and randomly used, you dont know if that person is now deceased, try to imagine the devastation this could cause a family should they come across it online. Please do not share these photos with your friends.

Facebook recommend that users report any photo that they see on Facebook that might fall into this category. If a post receives enough complaints they will eventually take action. Do not comment on or share the photo with your friends, as this helps keep the hoax spreading.