Ethical Security Hacking

ethical hackingEthical Hacking put simply is the process of hacking into a system that you have permission to do so. Every business should have an ethical hack done from time to time, Ethical hacking is a bit like your Fire Drill, it tests the system to see how it will respond to certain conditions and demonstrates where security maybe weak and can use some improving.

David Browne can offer both External and Internal Penetration Testing, Wireless Penetration Testing, Application Penetration Testing, Stolen Devices (Phone-Tablet-Laptop) Scenario Penetration Testing.

Password and Data Recovery

Another form of Ethical hacking that maybe performed is in Password Recovery, maybe you have forgotten a password to a laptop you have not used in a while, or have trouble opening an encrypted file.

Have you accidentally deleted files from a computer, a laptop, a mobile phone or even a SD Card from a Digital Camera? In many cases this files maybe recovered depending on the conditions in which they were removed.  Call today and see if your Data can be recovered.